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Boeing ensures code compliance with Eemax SafeAdvantage.                                                                                             

The Boeing facilities in and around Seattle, WA are state of the art, not only when it comes to manufacturing airplanes and airplane parts, but also when it comes to employee safety.

Like other manufacturing facilities, Boeing must comply with codes and regulations set by ANSI and enforced by OSHA.


One of those codes is the ANSI Z358.1, which calls out the requirement for a tepid water supply to emergency fixtures. The codes states that any and all emergency fixtures throughout a facility must be supplied with a tepid water to prevent possible shock and/or hypothermia.  The tepid water supply must be within a temperature range of 60-100°F, and be able to flow 25 gpm for a minimum of 15 minutes.

“Eemax provides the performance safety engineers are demanding” says Chris Fahey of Mechanical Agents.

With the Eemax SafeAdvantage with PhD platform, Boeing was not only able to meet code, but address operating cost issues as well. Because the electric tankless water heater only uses energy when the safety fixture is activated, it is a cost effective solution for an emergency application.

“With Eemax, compliance meets sustainability” adds Rich Corcoran, VP of Sales. “An on demand solution makes all the sense in the world. The SafeAdvantage heater is a simple way to meet code, and save money in the long run.”

Boeing recently installed 11 72kW SafeAdvantage units for an expansion project with both indoor and outdoor safety shower stations.


  • Long downtime between uses creates high storage costs with large tanks
  • Upsizing of natural gas lines and venting is difficult and expensive
  • Wide range of flow rates (0.5 GPM – 24 GPM) to feed up to 8 lavs, 8 showers, dishwasher and kitchen sink
  • Need 70°F temperature rise
  • Mechanical room located 100 ft from washrooms

Atlanta Airport


Eemax application engineers were engaged to specify the system based on customer requirements. Tankless heaters are piped in parallel then feed into a 120-gallon commercial tank heater on a recirculation loop. The Eemax tankless units provide heating when flow rate exceeds 4 GPM. The tank heater provides hot water for the low flow needs and the recirculation system. The result of pairing the tank and tankless heaters is a best of both worlds solution minimizing storage losses while delivering on-demand hot water. Used qty (2) Eemax SpecAdvantage PhD AP096480 – 96 kW (327,000 BTU/H), 480 volt, 140°F output temp.


Installer Benefits

  • Quick product delivery
  • Simple piping schematic created by Eemax promotes proper installation
  • Utilizing electric heaters eliminates gas lines and venting problems
  • Labor savings with 70 lb tankless heater vs 430 lb tank heater

User Benefits

  • Tankless temperature output of +/- 1°F
  • Endless hot water
  • Fast hot water delivery Owner Benefits
  • Small footprint compared to multiple tanks creates more usable floor space
  • A low maintenance / long life system resulting from low run times
  • Eliminating (3) 120 gallon tank heaters saves over $1700 per year in energy costs
  • Installed costs comparable to multi-storage tank system


  • Need to heat 30 GPM from 60°F to 120°F, which requires 263 kW (900,000 BTU/h) of power
  • Washdown cycle time can be reduced 50% by using hot water
  • Hose station is at the far end of the plant
  • Piping of natural gas is complex and costly
  • Natural gas fired boilers create explosion hazard
  • Plant has steam but piping of steam and condensate would be in excess of $60,000 in addition to the cost of the steam driven water heater
  • Need a low maintenance solution that is simple to operate


Eemax application engineers were engaged to specify the system based on customer requirements. The Eemax tankless units provide high volume hot water on demand with little to no maintenance. Piping the heaters in parallel equates to 10 GPM flow through each heater resulting in only 6 PSI total pressure drop. The heaters are piped to a hose station 150 ft away. Simply opening a gate valve at the hose station activates the heaters. Like most industrial facilities, this plant had no issues locating adequate electric feeds. Utilized qty(3) Eemax SpecAdvantage PhD AP108480 N4X FDS FP -108 kW (368,000 BTU/H), 480 volt, NEMA 4X (304 stainless) cabinet, fused disconnect switch, freeze protection, 140°F output

Installer Benefits

  • Simple piping schematic created by Eemax promotes proper installation
  • Quick product delivery
  • Easy installation – only cold water and electricity User Benefits
  • Lockable temperature output through the LCD control board
  • Endless, on-demand hot water
  • Easy operation

Owner Benefits

  • Utilizing electric heaters means no boiler maintenance, or maintenance associated with steam and condensate
  • Using tankless means no costs associated with storing or circulating hot water
  • Low cost installation compared to gas fired boilers or steam heating packages
  • The tankless hot water package eliminates 2 hours of labor per day, saving $25,000 per year