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Boeing - Eemax takes off with Aviation Application

Boeing ensures code compliance with Eemax SafeAdvantage.                                                                                             

The Boeing facilities in and around Seattle, WA are state of the art, not only when it comes to manufacturing airplanes and airplane parts, but also when it comes to employee safety.

Like other manufacturing facilities, Boeing must comply with codes and regulations set by ANSI and enforced by OSHA.


One of those codes is the ANSI Z358.1, which calls out the requirement for a tepid water supply to emergency fixtures. The codes states that any and all emergency fixtures throughout a facility must be supplied with a tepid water to prevent possible shock and/or hypothermia.  The tepid water supply must be within a temperature range of 60-100°F, and be able to flow 25 gpm for a minimum of 15 minutes.

“Eemax provides the performance safety engineers are demanding” says Chris Fahey of Mechanical Agents.

With the Eemax SafeAdvantage with PhD platform, Boeing was not only able to meet code, but address operating cost issues as well. Because the electric tankless water heater only uses energy when the safety fixture is activated, it is a cost effective solution for an emergency application.

“With Eemax, compliance meets sustainability” adds Rich Corcoran, VP of Sales. “An on demand solution makes all the sense in the world. The SafeAdvantage heater is a simple way to meet code, and save money in the long run.”

Boeing recently installed 11 72kW SafeAdvantage units for an expansion project with both indoor and outdoor safety shower stations.