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High Performance with Parabolic Heat Design

Faster speed to temp, more precise temperature control, and less wasted energy.

For Safety Applications

Actively controlling energy usage and temperature, Parabolic Heat Design gives you confidence in meeting safety standards preventing overshoot and low pressure drop.

For Commercial and Industrial Applications

When a facility needs hot water, SpecAdvantage with Phd gives you the confidence that your water will be heated quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Reliable Precision Heating Technology

Eemax’s Parabolic Heat Design heats water faster and more efficiently. This patent  pending design  utilizes an integrated approach to optimizing pressure drop , flow, and energy management
to yield optimal heat transfer, silent operation, and service life.

The best performance. Period.

The Right Water Heater

Eemax offers the Parabolic Heat Design in SafeAdvantage and SpecAdvantage configurations, and tunes the heater for the specific application needs. With a wide range of options, Parabolic Heat Design can meet and exceed the toughest specifications.

When you choose Eemax, you get the right heater for YOUR application.

Be Confident in Your Decision

With 25 years experience and over 1,000,000 units installed, no one knows tankless water heaters better. Our water heaters are made by professionals for professionals, and are made to meet all safety requirements and certifications.

Let our experienced team help you select which heater is right for your application.